Honest and Appreciative Communication and Collaboration

Many companies and organisations have consciously chosen social values like transparency, fairness and appreciation or want to strengthen those qualities - not only for external presentation, but also because it is known that successfull value orientation contributes greatly to internal satisfaction, reduces stress, fosters resilience, prevents conflicts and supports the capacity for successfull conflict management.

But experience shows that the mere decision for those values is not a guarantee for their implementation. Often it is just experienced as an additional goal which is expexted to be met besides productivity. Then the whole approach becomes a burden instead of a supportive enrichment.

If this is combined with the concept of flat, agile structures where people work on eye-level with each other many meet the limits of their communcation capacities. This creates overwhelm and stress with the known social and health consequences.

For new work structures to succeed and company values to be experienced on a daily basis people need high communication and conflict management skills, both on a interpersonal as on a intrapersonal level.

How can we learn to honestly and appreciatively communicate even when conflicts arise? How can we take care of ourselves and our own values and stay in a cooperative, mutually satifying exchange with our collegues? How can we acknowledge personal differences and still communicate and collborate transparent and fair?

The answer to these questions I want to offer is: Through a mindful attitude and a needsbased communication.

The following formats and themes strengthen and foster:

  • Selfconfidence
  • Selfresponsibility
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • The capacity to handle conflict
  • Understanding and compassion
  • Expanded scope for action
  • Win-win-win-results



Interaktive lectures: For a first impression (1-3 h)

Introductory training: For contextual orientation, first experiences and tips for implementation (1-2 days)

Trainings on specitic subjects: To aquire specific skills (1-2 days)

Combination of training and coaching: To build sustainable communication- and conflict management skills, to implement a new communication- and conflict solving culture (several months) 


The specific content can be adapted to the actual needs. Examples:

-        Strengthening cooperation: for a good workplace atmosphere and smooth collaboration. (Possilbe subjects might be: content and realtionsship level, expressing and listening, understanding and being understood, empathy and honesty, feeback and appreciation, conflict resolution)

-        Increasing resilience: for a good balance between effectivity, flexibility and self care (Possible subjects: Self-empathy, self-appreciation, mindfulness, acceptance, setting boundaries, burnout prevention)

-        Mindful communication with customers/clients: for supporting and authentic, appreciative approach to difficult customer conversations (apart from the above mentioned subjects it could be about Dealing with anger, prejudices, and cultural, generational or gender differences)


-        Mindful communication in new organisational structures, community projects and social enterprises: for a good balance between authenticity, self-care and social commitment (apart from the above mentioned subjects it could be about dealing wiht dilemma, expectations, disappointment, and implementing structures for conflict resolution)