Wake up and Dream!

The creative potential of the imagination is infinite. The universal language of images can be applied to all areas of life,  from our physical bodies to our psyche and spirit to our social interactions, as our inner images effect them all. Knowing this language we can use these effects in a conscious way


  • for gaining inner clarity, self competence and strength
  • to facilitate inner development
  • to access our intuition and inner wisdom
  • to overcome adversities and destructive patterns
  • as a resource for decision making
  • and much more.


Imagery as used by the School of Images (SOI) is particularly apt for people who have a vivid experience of inner images. It is also a very precious approach for people with a lot of experience in self-awareness because it bypasses even very trained and tricky defense systems.

In dreaming, visualisations and spontanous revelations we connect with a state of mind in which the unconscious can emerge and be communicated with. 

Imagery as used in the School of Images (SOI) connects


  • the awareness and the structural thinking of the left hemisphere with the creactivity, spontaneity and intuition of the right hemisphere;
  • old spiritual paths of diligent practice with new ways of quantum leaps;
  • the dreaming of the nights with the alertness of the days.


It teaches us to move swiftly and reliably in and between both worlds. It strenghtens our trust in our inner connectedness and allows us to attend to any situation from a broader perspective.