Mindfulness - The Path of Open Awareness

"Mindfulness is the intentional process of paying attention, without judgement, to the unfolding of moment-to-moment experience." (Tara Brach)

To be consciously aware of our present experience is a central key to a satisfying, life serving way of living with one self, our fellow humans and the world.

To be  mindful implys to step out of "automatic" mode and gain more inner freedom of choice.

Mindful living effects all aspects of life, from the most  mundane to deep contemplation. A mindful state is reflected in:

  • Conscious awareness of one's thoughts, sensations and feelings without immediately reacting to them, even if they are unpleasant;
  • The ability to consciously reflect on what is happening in the present moment and put one's experience into words;
  • a non-judgemental attitude.


To life mindfully means to attend to one's own experience again and again with openess, freshness, curiosity, acceptance, care and kindness.